Meet the Founder

As Founder and Creative Director of the new fur line “Kloned,” Porsha McFarland has always had an impeccable eye for fashion. Whether it’s mixing high and low fashion pieces that wow or the custom body suits, (that occasionally matches her custom color hair) this fashionista knows her stuff. “Details. That’s what separates me from the pack. I understand how to put together pieces that make the finished ensemble look effortless.”

Voted best dressed in high school, Porsha’s desire for fashion began way before she graced the hallways of Westover High. “My earliest fashion memory was when I first put on a pair of heels…it was magic! Or when I figured I was different and people would copy me. At first I would get in my feelings, but then I began to embrace it as a compliment. I’m Kloned and Kloned is Perfection.”

Porsha’s parting wisdom: “Never let anyone tell you that you are overdressed.”

-Editor: Robin Love